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'The Best Kept Secret on the Fundy Shore'!

Welcome to By the Dock of the Bay!  Discover our enchanting, beautifully furnished and designed  rental cottages, 40 feet from the Bay of Fundy at Margaretsville, Annapolis County.

Escape into summer's promise of adventure, fun and peace where your only schedule is to play and dream. Perhaps all you long for is the cry of the gulls, the roar of the waves, pull up a beach chair and listen to the sounds of the Bay of Fundy. Refresh your spirit with a visit to our oceanfront sanctuary where we feel a cottage on the beach should be as cozy as the inside of a seashell.
In the small coastal village of Margaretsville, Nova Scotia where the Bay of Fundy laps the shore, in one of its' gentler moods happily sit the cottages of By the Dock of the Bay...a place of sunlight and coziness with rooms that get their character from the brilliant seashore light and the salty ocean that perfumes every room. The cottages are filled with furniture designed to amuse and intrigue, fashioned from flotsam the Bay of Fundy delivers by the restless tides.

Enjoy your days dipped in fun, strolling the miles of beach, finding gifts left by the Bay of Fundy tides, being soothed by the rhythm of the waves, the sun on your back as the longing cry of the gulls cast a calming spell. Dip your fishing line into the Bay of Fundy off the wharf just 100 feet from the cottages. Enjoy an alfresco dinner, grilling your catch on the ocean front only feet from your cottage. Watch local fishermen smoke their catch in an original smokehouse right at the wharf.

At days end in the glorious light of the sunset over this spectacular Bay of Fundy you sense that even the ocean is lulled into tranquility, the waves gently lapping the shore. Find snug places to dream in cottages as sweet and hospitable as you could dream them, with the bedroom windows open to court the Bay of Fundy breeze for peaceful slumber.

With a visit to our oceanfront cottages comes a promise of renewal, tides to wash away cares and salty breezes to awaken the senses. This piece of unspoiled oceanfront is one of Canada's gems. It gives people back to themselves. It helps define who you are and who you want to be.

We invite you to escape from the present and step back in time to old marine Nova Scotia.